CSR Activities

Since its inception Mehta Group & its promoters believe in giving back to the society. Mr. Rakeshh Mehta always says “Learn, Earn & Return”. For this Mehta Group under the leadership of CA Rakeshh Mehta is actively a part of:

JITO (Jain International Trade Organisation):

As the President of this prestigious organisation where Mr. Rakeshh Mehta, is one of the founding Chief Patrons of the organisations which aims to unite all the Jain’s living across the world over issues of Economic Empowerment, Education, and Social Welfare. A not- for- Profit Company which today has $16.5 million corpus to carry out activities of public welfare. JITO annually hosts events like Business Trade Fair, Good to Great, B2B trade fairs, B2C trade fairs which are attended in huge numbers. JITO has a membership which constitutes around 5000 Jains and has disbursed education loans to the tune of $12.5 million and a large amount for the medical treatments of Jain Priests. In his term as the president, he has laid the foundationto build a world-class Jain University in Mumbai and an Incubation Centre in Mumbai as well.

JITO Administrative Training Foundation (JATF):

Mr. Rakeshh Mehta is a founding patron of this organisation. Under this organisation there exists 6 hostels (centres for excellence) providing free of cost accommodation and training to students pursuing and appearing for competitive civil services examinations (IAS/IPS, etc.).

International Vaish Federation

Started in 2002 Mr. Rakeshh Mehta is currently the working president. This Mumbai chapter is part of a national organisation which brings together the business class across different casts and creed together to interact, network and grow their businesses. Through this platform, Mr. Rakeshh Mehta brings to the governments’ attention issues that various businesses are facing and hence tries to bridge those gaps and finds solution to these issues.

Jodhpur Association, Mumbai :

Mr. Rakeshh Mehta is the Former President of this organisation. It works to keep together people migrating from Jodhpur and frequently organises meets and events displaying their culture, traditions. They are recognise by way of awards, outstanding works of trusts, NGOs, and people of Jodhpur. Under the leadership of Mr Rakeshh Mehta, this organisation has built a hostel in the late 90’s for students who come from Jodhpur for higher education, an issue that is very close to Mr. Rakeshh Mehta, as he struggled for the same in his early years.

Shree Kushal Education Trust:

Founder Trustee - Offering scholarship and other education related support to poor and needy students. The Trust for last 10 years has also been honouring persons working for various social causes by awarding them “Samaj Ratna” every year.

Mehta Foundation :

Managing Trustee - Assisting various social and charitable projects for the upliftment of needy people of society.

Epilepsy Foundation, Mumbai:

As a Founder Trustee, Mr Rakeshh Mehta has been advising India’s top neurologist Dr Nirmal Surya, who has been working to eradicate the notion that epilepsy cannot be cured. Together they conceived the idea of setting up Epilepsy Foundation, where treatment is provided to underprivileged patients from across the state of Maharashtra suffering from Epilepsy and have so far treated 18000 patients in 3 years. This organisation was recognised and awarded by the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) which is a part of the Health Ministry of India. The Foundation is also running a program which counsels families of these patients and working towards creating job employments for such patients.

Bhagwan Mahaveer Shikshan Sansthan

Mr. Rakeshh Mehta is the Founder Trustee since 1995. The motto of this institute is towards girl child education and women empowerment and for this they are operating 2 schools for girls in Jodhpur (Rajasthan) in which more than 3000 students are studying.

Netraheen Shikshan Sansthan :

Patron Member - Jodhpur since 2007 and contribute consistently to the organization which runs a hostel and school for blind children in Jodhpur.